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OgTM is an acronym that encloses our starting and tells our HISTORY, almost 60 years later, a beautiful story of Italian entrepreneurship...

The Workshops GIOVANNI TRIVINI Milano were born in 1960, embodying the vision of a great Craftsman whose project has gone through three generations transforming into the current production plant of Sant'Angelo Lodigiano, a reality in the North of Italy, with a manufacturing capacity of over 50,000 wheels per day, recognized among the industry elite, with over 120 international patents deposited.

For almost 60 years in OgTM we have been producing wheels for furniture and furnishing accessories. The research of beauty, functional and technological innovation and the collaboration with the most Italian and international architects and designers have become a sort of obsession for us, not only our distinctive feature.

We love CHALLENGES and QUALITY without compromises, managing all the stages of the production of a wheel, from the project to the finished product, and we can also, when necessary, develop and realize the equipment for the production process.
We work with every kind of material (plastic, rubber, metal) and with every kind of treatment and finishing.

We develop fully customized products, and we can personalize the batches with "out-of-the-box" tailor made requests.

At the guide of OgTM, to continue the "movement" that today has brought us to compete on the world's leading markets, there are Ruggero, Giovanni’s son, who lead the production and the product development and his wife Marilena Daccò, managing director and commercial soul of the company.

The third generation is already working at the company: the sons Elisa and Daniele who are respectively involved in Marketing and in Production Technology.

And the HISTORY continues ... in motion like our wheels...

 "OgTM' philosophy is embodied in products that revolutionize, astonish, fascinate and innovate. Wheels ever seen, innovative in everything, from shape to construction, with the simplicity that distinguishes all the great inventions "
Milena Daccò: OgTM Managing Director