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To project the movement and combine it with design is our mission and not just for our products, but also for our company that moving from the family business dimension of the Italian province has reached the international company size, through continuous technological and organizational innovations.

Our wheels have gone a long way and we walked with them alog this way: OgTM is present with its products in Spain, Germany, USA, Korea, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand alongside prestigious brands.

Our vision of the "design" intend it as achievable by everyone: we are at the disposal of the most exclusive design studio to accept extreme production challenges, but at the same time we are ready to get into homes, shops or individual offices thanks to few clicks into our renewed e-commerce platform, open to everyone.

A wheel can make the difference, can renew a furniture or characterize an environment, at home or in the office... Let yourself be fascinated by OgTM wheels and by our sense of beauty and find out how easy it is to combine a wheel with your imagination.

Let us guide you through our e-commerce and browse our catalog: we definitely have the wheel that "suits to you"...