COD. 1581

THIN - Zamak Aluminium Support Grey GN111 Tyre With Grey 014 Brake Thickness 28 mm

10.00 € + VAT
12.20 € VAT included

Thin is the last creation built-in castor for panels.
Barely born, it is already considered by the international press a new goal in the castor’s evolution.
Its unique design appears particularly striking due to the total lack of exposed fastening screws and to a break pedal that ensures perfect blocking in any position thanks to the patent of a new brake disc.
Made in zamak material, it's suited for panels with thicknesses of 25, 28, 30 mm and more.
The possibility of installing bearings inside the castor ensures smoother rolling on any surface.
Installed on a panel, Thin almost disappears by mimesis, perfectly attuned to the piece of furniture housing it.
Thin is patented and protected by national and international patents, and is also Catas certified.

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