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OgTM is an acronym that encloses our beginning and that almost 60 years later is still able to tell about our HISTORY, a beautiful story of Italian entrepreneurship...
The mechanical laboratories GIOVANNI TRIVINI Milano were born in 1960, embodying the vision of a great Craftsman whose project has gone through three generations transforming into the current plant of Sant'Angelo Lodigiano

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Our story coincides with that one of Made in italy and it fully includes all its values: CREATIVITY, PASSION, QUALITY, FLEXIBILITY.

The result are unique products, coming from the collaboration with Architects and Designers such as Vico Magistretti, Antonio Citterio, Adriano Design, Franco Bizzozero and Giuseppe Bavuso, James Irvine and Philippe Starck.

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To project the movement and combine it with design is our mission and not just for our products, but also for our company that moving from the family business dimension of the Italian province has reached the international company size, through continuous technological and organizational innovations.

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