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A leading italian manifacturer of design wheels for furniture and for furnishing accessories for home and office

Who We Are

OgTM is an acronym that encloses our beginning and that almost 60 years later is still able to tell about our HISTORY, a beautiful story of Italian entrepreneurship... The mechanical laboratories GIOVANNI TRIVINI Milano were born in 1960, embodying the vision of a great Craftsman whose project has gone through three generations transforming into the current plant of Sant'Angelo Lodigiano

Wheely Collection

Is a collection of wheels made of a die-cast metalbody and polyurethane rubber, no trace, no mark antimacchia, extremely moving and silent.

Unique wheels for elegance and functionality are able to give personality and a touchable added value to directional seating, drawers and furnishing in general Wheely, beyond the design patent, owns a technical and mechanical “no filaments” patent, it’s studied specifically for the perfect rolling on rugs and carpet floors and guarantee the perfect sliding in time.


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Rotola Collection

A hole, the vacuum around which magically everything rounds

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ROTOLA H.100 - Zamak Aluminium Support Grey 014...

€ 12.81 + VAT

798946 500x500%23 0751 14232 538x538  0751 206 rotola120 zamacromato gommanera freno
ROTOLA H.120 - Zamak Chrome Support Black Tyre ...

€ 16.47 + VAT

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ROTOLA H.120 - Zamak White Support Orange Tyre ...

€ 14.03 + VAT

798974 500x500%23 0751 319413 538x538  0751 335 rotola150 zamaalluminio gommagrigia freno
ROTOLA H.150 - Zamak Aluminium Support Grey GN1...

€ 18.91 + VAT

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ROTOLA H.150 - Zamak White Support Orange Tyre ...

€ 18.91 + VAT

798956 500x500%23 0751 25813 538x538  0751 874 flat2 zamaalluminio gommagrigia014 freno spessore30
FLAT 2 - Zamak Aluminium Support Grey 014 Tyre ...

€ 12.57 + VAT

798948 500x500%23 0751 26182 538x538  0751 207 rotola120 zamarosso gommanera freno
ROTOLA H.120 - Zamak Red Support Black Tyre Wit...

€ 15.25 + VAT

798942 500x500%23 0751 733777 538x538  0751 rotola100 w
ROTOLA H.100 - Zamak Red Support Black Tyre Wit...

€ 14.03 + VAT


In this area you can submit your requests for the 3d modeling of our wheels, for any further details and to help you in your projects. We would like to know better your interests and we also would like to ask you to give us your contacts and some information about your activity in order to send you as soon as possible, via email, the models of the products in which you're interested.

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