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OgTM is an acronym that encompasses our beginning and, almost 60 years later, still tells our STORY, a beautiful story of Italian entrepreneurship ...

The GIOVANNI TRIVINI Milanoworkshops were born in 1960, embodying the vision of a great craftsman whose project spanned three generations, transforming itself into the current complex of Sant 'Angelo Lodigiano, a reality production with a capacity of over 50,000 wheels per day, accredited among the technological elite of the sector, with over 120 international patents filed.

For almost 60 years at OgTM we have been producing wheels for furniture and furnishing accessories. The search for beauty, functional and technological innovation, collaboration with the greatest Italian and international architects and designers have become a sort of obsession for us, not just our distinctive trait.

We love CHALLENGES and uncompromising QUALITY, personally managing all the construction phases of a wheel, from the project to the finished product and indeed, if necessary, we also develop and manufacture the equipment necessary for the production process.

We work all types of materials (plastic, rubber, metals) with any type of treatment and finish. We develop tailor-made projects starting from the drawing and we are able to customize lots with tailor-made "out of series" requests.

At the helm of OgTM, to continue the "movement" that today has brought us to the main world markets, there are now Ruggero, Giovanni's son, who is in charge of the of product development and his wife Marilena Daccò, CEO and commercial soul.

But also the third generation already works in the company: the children Elisa and Daniele who deal respectively with Marketing and Production Technology.

... and the HISTORY continues, moving like our wheels ...

“That of OgTM is a philosophy that is realized in products that revolutionize, amaze, fascinate and innovate. Wheels never seen before, innovative in everything, from shape to construction, with the simplicity that distinguishes all great inventions"

Marilena Daccò | CEO OgTM

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