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The decades-long production experience of OgTM and the continuous research, developed internally and in collaboration with prestigious architectural firms, lead us today to have a catalog spherical wheels, inclined axis, twin, double ball turn, unidirectional, legs, with fixed, swivel and articulated feet with attachments of the most particular dimensions to be applied to any type of furniture and furnishing accessories.

But the great organizational flexibility that distinguishes OgTM allows us to meet the needs of the customer by developing production prototypes step by step with him starting from a simple design. We are able to develop, engineer and produce, where batches allow, any type of wheel.

We work plastic materials, rubber and metals, with all types of treatments, to provide exactly the expected result, with the greatest possible degree of customization and in the required dimensions.

One of our prototypes has the aesthetic accuracy of detail and the functionality of the finished product.

To bring the design and design studios that do not yet know us closer to our products, and to our way of working, we have made available, within the reserved area of ​​the site, a download section of 3D rendering of our wheels. , which give an idea of ​​the attention to technical drawing for OgTM.

Ask us for the models you are most interested in, to deepen the details or, on the contrary, entrust us with your project and together we will transform it into your production prototype.

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