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It is the natural "drift" of the OgtM passion for QUALITY and production SDIDs.

But it is also an imperative of contemporary marketing that must and wants to amaze more and more, provide "unique", "taylor made" solutions that adapt and mold themselves to the symbols of the company: colors, materials, communication messages...

If what you are looking for is a "special" wheel, a "non-standard" wheel, ask us: in OgTM the "new" has not been scary for almost 60 years, which is why we ride trends and generations and face such different countries and cultures from ours, proudly waving the flag of "made in Italy".

We are able to customize the products in the catalog, with colors and finishes as per sample and to create "customized wheels" in effect.

The expression "it can't be done" is certainly not in our hearts.

Contact us freely for information on this taylor made service: if you have a personal "idea of ​​a wheel" .. most likely we will make it spin…!

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