COD. 1702

MOEBIUS - Nylon White Support Grey 014 Tyre No Brake

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The Moebius wheel designed by Philippe Starck takes its name and inspiration from the endless belt discovered by the German mathematician. A continuous surface, which is recovered in the perfectly joined up lines of its design, soft and seductive, with no apparent solution of continuity between inside and out.
The movement is hinted before even realized, and the idea of infinity turns into the concrete concept of duration. Another way of expressing our quality.

Our quality is thorough, as it applies to all the processing steps and it also includes the development and realization of the essential equipment for the productive process. Since 1960 we are specialized in wheel manufacturing, with a constant: the aesthetic and functional innovation. Ever more captivating, high-performance models, with a quality standard confirmed by over 200 international certifications, and the collaboration with the most prestigious furniture companies and the prominent international designers.