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FLAT 2 - 30 mm Zamak White Support Grey 014 Tyre With Grey Brake
COD. 875
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A hole in a panel that almost magically allows an unseen wheel to function smoothly. This is the new Flat wheel from the Rotola collection by Ogtm. Rotola Flat is precisely engineered so that the wheel can be secured to a panel with screws that remain hidden from view. The result is surprising: a hole framed by an elegant plate that rolls…just like magic! Rotola Flat is made of two “weight bearing shells” moulded in die cast zamak that house the rotating device. The wheel is assembled with two screws that secure it to the panel but are not visible on the exterior. This simple assembly procedure make this product very innovative. The product is supported by several patents.


725632 900 0751 flat 2

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