COD. 1560

MONO - Nylon White Support Neutre Transparent Tyre Neutre Transparent Inside No Brake

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Mono is a single csator, removable patented load content. Suitable for light trucks that require frequent cleaning as in beauty salons or hairdressers.
The Support is in polyamide stabilized, will come off easily by levering with a screwdriver near the castorl, thereby facilitating the cleaning of the piece.
The wheel is made of nylon, and opalescent with hydrophobic thermoplastic rubber band.
Mono has international standards of patent and regulatory Catas.
Made in Italy

Line sinuous and ergonomic of the zama support, gives to the product a unique character aesthetic and form. Its use is particularly suitable for trolley and small tables and complements furniture.
The product is supported by international and several patents Catas.

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